Investment & Philanthropic Advisory

Investor and Philanthropy Advisory

For Seafood and Clean Energy Investors, Investment Funds and Grant Makers 
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What we can do for you:   

  • Advise on deal opportunities and risks, using our expertise in the seafood and clean energy sectors to give you in-depth perspectives on the markets and impacts.
  • Support your work on existing investments to improve their performance, market access, or get technical assistance.
  • Offer strategic guidance to design and implement innovative investment and philanthropy programs.
  • Connect you with our extensive network of global partners globally where it can help you to expand or learn.
  • Provide full confidentiality and anonymity as required.

Some typical services we offer::

Supporting Investors with Deal Analysis and Sector Insights

  • Analysis of business growth potential, impacts and market context
  • Evaluation of deals using our extensive networks of experts
  • Identifying syndication partners

Assisting Investors to Optimize Existing Investment

  • Identifying barriers to growth and scaling
  • Finding partners for venture growth and impact creation
  • Technical support and partnership building

Identifying and Structuring Investment Opportunities

  • Sustaining impacts while preserving financial upside
  • Sourcing and vetting deals.

Transitioning Initiatives from Grants to Investment

  • Strategies to bridge “capital gaps” between grant and private investment for innovative social enterprises
  • Organizational effectiveness evaluations and strategies for future impact creation
  • Analysis of grant portfolios and identification of opportunities for effective transition strategies to debt or equity investment

Creating and Implementing Philanthropic Strategies

  • Creating a strategy and focal points for foundations and impact investors
  • Advice on partnerships and strategies to invest in change making initiatives.
  • Developing programs that integrate the use of grants, investment and other assets to deliver outcomes