Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

For corporations, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations 
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What we can do for you:

  • Bring structure, knowledge, and strategy to ideas and initiatives, either for starting up or for scaling up
  • Help companies understand their customers so they can communicate a clear and relevant value proposition to each group
  • Evaluate the performance or impacts of an existing activity, and/or help you restructure or develop new strategies if goals are not being met
  • Identify and develop appropriate partnerships and networks of experts to ensure continued success

Services we typically offer:

Corporate Sustainability, Impact Assessment, and Partnership Development

  • Creation and implementation of sustainability strategies within a company or product line
  • Development of partnerships with NGOs or other innovative businesses to strengthen market position
  • Assessment of environmental and social risks, and development of strategies to mitigate them
  • Development of cost-effective impact metrics for strategies, and integratation of strategies in business operations.

Entrepreneur and Startup Strategies and Investment Readiness

  • Assistance with growth planning, covering all key elements: from go-to-market strategies to financing
  • Guidance on how to be investment ready with a compelling pitch deck and comprehensive deal package
  • Creation of or feedback on financial models with scenarios and sensitivity analyses, to test your assumptions and develop realistic projections for investors.

Nonprofit Strategies and Revenue Generation

  • Advice for effective engagement with the private sector, through market-oriented strategies, sponsorships, services, and more
  • Development of revenue-generating business models to supplement or replace grant income
  • Experience with hybrid structures and scaling strategies in for-profit and nonprofit activities

Outreach to Government and Development Agencies

  • Development of major sector-building initiatives, based on our experience with Fish 2.0 as well as our expertise in entrepreneurship, investment, and philanthropy
  • Seafood experts who can leverage their deep ties to fisheries projects worldwide to create economic development strategies for coastal communities and to ensure effective engagement of SMEs.
  • Clean energy experts who can help you develop the right type of incentives or programs to attract private investment in nascent markets

Philanthropy and Foundation Strategies for Growth, Evaluation, and Exits

  • Guidance in development and evaluation of an impact investment or philanthropic program
  • Strategies for using the full range of financial and nonfinancial tools and resources available to achieve objectives
  • Management of portfolio transitions from grant making to investment in revenue-generating ventures, or other exits from long-term grant making initiatives
  • Advice on creation and scaling of market-based strategies that support specific impact goals
  • Design of prize-based opportunities and competitions aimed at spurring innovation and finding impact-based solutions