About Us

  • Monica Jain

    Monica Jain Monica is Executive Director of Manta Consulting Inc. She has worked over the past 20 years to help grow over 200 small businesses and non-profit organizations from the ground up, in the US, New Zealand and throughout Latin America.

    Monica has practical management experience in the areas of business planning, negotiations, conflict management, financial modeling, market studies, and planning for growth or change. She has worked for private philanthropists, venture capitalists, corporations, private banks, foundations, non-profits, universities, and global government entities to apply her skills to help social and business entrepreneurs to achieve their goals.

    Monica holds a B.Sc. from Stanford University (1985) and a MBA in finance and strategic management from the Wharton School (1990). She is fluent in Spanish and French.

    Remy Garderet

    Remy GarderetRemy is Managing Director of Manta Consulting. He has worked with businesses, investors, governments and nonprofit clients for over 20 years to develop and implement sustainability-focused strategies and projects.

    Remy has practical experience helping clients develop corporate sustainability initiatives, assess and develop investment opportunities, and create projects and collaborative partnerships with social and environmental impacts.

    Remy holds a B.A. from Stanford University (1993), and an M.A. in Economics and Energy Policy from the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (1998). He is fluent in Spanish and French.
  • Global perspectives

    We offer a global base of experience and perspectives: we have helped start up and develop businesses, non- profits and philanthropic organizations in the U.S., Latin America, Asia, Oceania, Africa and Europe. We speak English, Spanish and French fluently.

    Partnership focused

    We build effective partnerships across sectors and specializing in creating joint programs between the private sector, non-profits, foundations, development agencies and governments.

    Diversity of engagements

    We offer results driven big picture strategic planning and assistance on developing new ideas as well as technically-specific work in the areas of philanthropy, fisheries, corporate responsibility and clean energy initiatives.


    We have over 30 years of experience in our sectors. Most clients come to us through word of mouth references and return over and over again. We cannot take on every job but we guarantee results for every project we take on.

    Complete confidentiality

    Manta Consulting offers complete confidentiality to clients and can offer corporations, entrepreneurs and philanthropists privacy and anonymity during the research and implementation processes.