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Manta Consulting provides customized work across all sectors, with a primary focus on working with growing companies and investors that are creating positive impacts on oceans and climate. We also work closely with philanthropists and government leaders in creating collaborative platforms and common infrastructure to facilitate the flow of impact capital into the Blue economy and Climate tech sectors.


  • CEO coaching
    • Individual ongoing coaching for founders and CEOs of growth-stage companies, leveraging our works with 100s of companies, and industry expertise and global network.
  • Strategic Partnership advisory
    • Identify and develop appropriate partnerships and networks of experts to ensure success
    • Help companies understand their stakeholders to communicate a clear and relevant value proposition to partners.
  • Growth, impact, and financing strategy
    • We support companies in ensuring their profitability, growth and impact strategies are aligned.
    • Establish impact frameworks for internal and external communications, metrics for success and to evaluate performance and value creation opportunities.

Investors & Philanthropists

  • Values alignment & deal structuring
    • Offer strategic guidance to design and implement innovative investment and philanthropic programs
    • Support work on existing investments to improve performance and market access and provide technical assistance
  • Due diligence
    • Advise on deal opportunities and risks, using our expertise in the seafood and clean-energy sectors to give you in-depth perspectives on the markets and impacts
  • Advisory services, industry insights and feasibility studies for investors
    • Connect clients with our extensive network of global partners to help expand industry knowledge. We support investors of all types to identify, align values and conditions, and/or to determine feasibility of investing into blue economy, fisheries, aquaculture or climate tech companies, platforms or endeavors. If you need an expert to help you with a specific deal, large or small, we can help.
  • Competitions, accelerators, and incubation
    • We have deep experience running online and in-person competitions, accelerators, incubators and hackathons. If you are seeking support to make your incubator or competition run smoothly and attract investors and sponsors, we can help.
  • Impact frameworks
    • Define impact framework for investors and funds, identifying strategic impact goals and key impact indicators to track and showcase progress


  • Program Design.
    • We develop innovative programs to meet sector-wide goals, based on deep experience creating multi-sector programs. We have worked with foundations, government and investor groups to put these together, and can create customized programs to help you reach long-term goals and impacts
    • Bring structure, knowledge, and strategy to ideas and initiatives.
  • New investment and financial products
    • For over 25 years, we have helped our partners innovate on cutting-edge financing mechanisms and investment tools and platforms that have grown the Blue Economy and Clean energy markets.

One of the signature platforms created by Manta Consulting is Fish 2.0, the first global accelerator in the sustainable seafood industry which helped launch large scale impact investment into that segment of the Blue Economy. See Fish 2.0 for more details, publications and extensive press coverage.

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